Clinch the playoffs, win a series, pop some champagne. It's a tale nearly as old as baseball itself.

Lately, though, the tradition has become somewhat problematic. What's changed: Teams are getting more bold about bringing the champagne out onto the field.

In the past, sprays of champagne were confined strictly to the team locker rooms after a game. But players have started bringing the bottles out onto the field and spraying themselves, one another, even sometimes the crowd.

That violates MLB rules, and the league wants the habit nipped in the bud. MLB chief communications officer Pat Courtney told ESPN that the league might look into taking action against players or an entire team.

"Our policy explicitly states that no alcohol is permitted outside of the clubhouse or at any time on the field of play, and that all celebrations involving the use of alcohol must take place within the clubhouse," Courtney said. "We have MLB security on-site to enforce our rules. The commissioner determines the appropriate steps if any individuals violate our rules."

In all likelihood, that statement will be enough to get teams to clamp down. It's a silly risk for an organization to allow, so expect their team handlers to be watching the presence of alcohol closely.

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