Houston Astros Orbit

Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue, but if not for Sam Houston, Texas may not be a U.S. state, which brings us today's Astros-Royals playoff game. The Astros host Game 4 of the ALDS series, which starts at 12:07 p.m. CT Monday, and many of their fans will be at work despite it being Columbus Day.

Teams have scripted fake excuse letters to get fans off the job. Last year, American soccer fans tried to create a national holiday to watch the World Cup.

The Astros have a twist on their letter: It is signed by the mascot.

Employers of Houston, will you really say no to this adorable alien, who is even fuzzier than Dallas Keuchel? All he wants is for the people of Houston to see their young underdog team win a baseball game.


Do not worry, kids. Students rallied Orbit to create a letter of excuse for children:

Rather than write with his big green and orange costume hands, Orbit typed the letter. His font use is called into question.

Good to know the PR guy in the bowels of Minute Maid Park has a sense of humor.

Astros-Royals is the first of four Columbus Day baseball games. The Royals will put their do-or-die season in the hands of Yordano Ventura and the Astros give the ball to Lance McCullers.

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