Floyd Mayweather

Newly minted retiree Floyd Mayweather is loving his post-professional life. When not basking in the limelight of his long, successful career, he's busy finding new ways to spend -- or at least use -- his money.

The boxer proved an innovator once again on Instagram on Tuesday, posting a bizarre picture of him carrying two armfuls of cash around a nightclub.

The picture comes not long after Mayweather revealed he had purchased a "supercar" valued at $3.5 million. In other words, he's have a great time, thanks for asking, and no, you can never run out of ways to spend your money.

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A photo posted by @mayweatherunlimited on

TMZ is reporting that the cash Mayweather carried around wasn't just for show. He allegedly dropped $50,000 at a single stripclub on the same night this photo was taken.

Mayweather want to go easy on the retirement binge, though. Rumors from Manny Pacquiao's camp suggest Mayweather might be open to discussing a rematch of the pair's megafight last May, which Mayweather won.

With Mayweather himself reporting that he made $100 million from that fight, the money attached to a rematch seems like it would be tough to turn down. And as this photo proves, Mayweather's got plenty -- but if he had any more, he surely wouldn't let it go to waste.

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