Floyd Mayweather

After a long boxing career, Floyd Mayweather managed to pick up a lot of hardware.

On Wednesday, he went to social media to show off the fruits of his labor. A 19-year professional career yielded more than your typical haul of championship belts.

It took 19 years but they'll talk about it forever. #tbe #tmt www.themoneyteam.com

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"It took 19 years but they'll talk about it forever," Mayweather writes on Instagram.

Mayweather has said he's retired after winning his final fight against Andre Berto in September. Some have called for Mayweather to agree to a re-match against Manny Pacquiao after their title fight in May was sullied by Pacquiao's injured shoulder.

But Mayweather has taken issue with Pacquiao's attitude following their fight, and he has shut the door on a rematch.

Who's to say whether he's really done, but if those belts are all Mayweather has accomplished, no one's going to say his career was left unfinished.

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