Alex Rodriguez And David Wright

Alex Rodriguez picked up where he left off this postseason. After a surprising 2015 that saw him hit 33 home runs and 86 RBI (he turned 40 on July 27), A-Rod moved on to TV after the Yankees' Wild Card Game loss. Once again, facing low expectations, Rodriguez has been crushing it on Fox Sports.

Well, had been. Until this.

A-Rod calls the Mets, the Yankees, which is blasphemy in New York City. The other four members of the desk--Kevin Burkhardt, Raul Ibanez, Pete Rose and Frank Thomas--all realize Rodriguez's slip-of-the-tongue. His blushing is adorable. Pete Rose can't help but take a teasing shot at A-Rod.

Rodriguez does his best to recover by promising a bright future for his own team. "Next year!" he says.

We'll see if the Yankees can cash the check A-Rod's mouth just wrote.

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