Dikembe Mutmbo's alma mater, Georgetown, has made a switch. And Mutombo is more involved in the transition than fans may imagine.

The Hoyas replaced John Thompson III with arguably the greatest player in program history, Patrick Ewing, who graduated in 1985. Mutombo graduated in 1991 and spent much of his early career battling Ewing in the NBA. Although the two were never on a college or NBA roster together, they are on the same team now.

"I've been there since day one, since he was hired," Mutombo says. "I go there almost every month to talk to him to see how things are going. I talk to him on the phone almost every day, trying to help with a few recruits. So, things are going very well. I have two boys who are playing basketball, and I would love to see them play for [Georgetown]."

Mutombo joins Alonzo Mourning and other prominent Hoyas alums eager to help Ewing every step of the way.

Mutombo spoke to ThePostGame on behalf of Mobil 1 Annual Protection, the official motor oil of the NBA. He appeared in New York City with NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick to promote the brand's "The Drive" campaign.

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