DeMar DeRozan

Playing in the Olympics can be a risk for NBA players. While it is an honor to represent one's country, injury or fatigue from the extra work can affect one's personal production, one's future finances and one's team. Two years ago, Paul George reminded us of that risk.

DeMar DeRozan apparently does not care:

This 360 dunk attempt came with just over two minutes left and the U.S. leading China, 96-49. The Chinese defender rightfully fouled DeRozan to avoid embarrassment in this blowout.

This is a bigger dealer than it looks like on the surface. Sure, DeRozan will probably just say he's a professional basketball player and 360 dunks are normal in practice, but there's a reason we don't see plays like this often, even in NBA games. Players are scared. The potential negatives of DeRozan's dunk well-outweigh the potential positives.

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But the two-time NBA Slam Dunk Contest participant ignored all possible excuses and went up for a highlight reel slam. It din't work, but at least he showed players, executives and fans it's okay to try in international competition.

That is a ringing endorsement from a three-time Olympian.

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