DeAngelo Williams

First-day-of-school pics are all the rage nowadays, especially on social media. DeAngelo Williams doesn't go to school anymore, but with the NFL regular season officially underway, he felt left out and wanted to participate.

So before practice Tuesday, he put together his own "First Day of School" photo, dressing in his best Superman T-shirt and holding up a chalkboard sign that introduced himself to the other kids.

Muscles and height notwithstanding, he looks every bit the part:

"Never imagine[d] I would get a chance to play 11 years in the NFL! So from now on I'm going to be the young old kid I know I am," Williams writes in his post.

Other critical first-day details: His favorite colors are blue and pink, his favorite food is popcorn, he's 33, and he wants to be a "Fantasy Football star" when he grows up.

That last one is entirely possible this season. Time to get to work.