Fortin Makes Unreal Toss

Ultimate Frisbee isn't just a game for college kids on lawns anymore.

The 2016 World Ultimate and Guts Championships recently concluded in London. While action was intense through the knockout stages, the play of the tournament came in this sequence from Canadian Danielle Fortin in pool-play action against Japan.

Fortin, wearing No. 11 for the Canadian team in white, heads to the sideline to track down an apparently overthrown pass. But in the blink of an eye, Fortin leaps from just inside the boundary line to catch the Frisbee with her right hand – while facing her own team's end zone. Then while still airborne and facing away from Japan's end zone, she blindly tosses it around her left shoulder before it somehow finds an open teammate just inside the front pylon for a score.

You'll have to see it to believe it – and the World Flying Disc Federation got both the play and the understandably rowdy Canadian reaction on video:

The play in which one jumps from in bounds, catches and throws the disc while airborne, and then lands out of bounds is simply known as a "greatest" in Ultimate, and Fortin certainly lived up to the name with this epic sequence.

Unfortunately, Fortin's heroics couldn't spur her squad to a victory, as Canada proceeded to fall 14-12. The Canadians eventually recovered to advance to the tournament's semifinals, where they fell to eventual champion USA.

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