Daniel Stern, Phil Brickma

The Cubs got some unexpected support from an old friend last night: Phil Brickma. The pitching coach from Rookie of the Year, who helped mentor Henry Rowengartner, took to Facebook to offer the Cubs playoff advice: frozen fire.

Of course, this is actually actor Daniel Stern, who played Brickma in the 1993 film, which he also directed. Brickma was an eccentric member of the Cubs' coaching staff who proposed the idea of using hot ice rather than ice packs or heating pads on his pitchers. Brickma also locked himself in the clubhouse during one game, which he makes light of in this video by locking himself in a closet.

During last year's playoffs, the Cubs rallied around Thomas Ian Nicholas, who played Rowengartner. With Chicago down 3-0 in the series, the flame-throwing Little Leaguer -- who is actually now 36 -- tossed the first pitch against the Mets, the Cubs' nemesis in Rookie of the Year. The Mets won the game and the series.

Stern, now 59, is hoping to bring more luck to the Cubbies. He released his video on Monday afternoon before Game 3 of the NLDS, which the Cubs entered leading 2-0 in the series. Chicago forced extra innings in San Francisco, but the Giants won in 13 innings to push the series to a fourth game.

Hopefully, Brickma didn't just curse the Cubs after their hot playoff start. After all, he already has a fictional World Series ring from the film.

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