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It seemed like an innocent idea. At an New York City event for Samsung, one of LeBron James' sponsors, the King took questions solely from children, rather than the media. He invited a trio called NYC Kid Sports Reporters and youths from local Boys & Girls Clubs.

But the youngsters, who have apparently been reading up on their LeBron news, did not make anything easy.

One boy asked James, "If you had one favorite teammate, who would it be?"

James did not shy away from his recent comments about potentially playing with "The Brotherhood."

"I have three," James answered. "D-Wade is my favorite, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul."

Sorry, Chris Bosh, Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Mike Miller, James Jones, Shane Battier and Mo Williams. Also, if James is going to put Anthony and Paul in this category -- he has only played with the two of them in the Olympics -- he leaves off a certain Kobe Bryant.

James did show his respect for Bryant when asked about the toughest opponent he has ever faced. James listed Bryant, Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry right off the bat before referring to the entire San Antonio Spurs team as a tough opponent. James also mentions the Pistons and Bulls gave him fits at points in his career (but shows no love to the Indiana Pacers).

Another brilliant child asked James who he would play for if he could play for any team. James' answer was not the Cavs, Heat or a superteam with "The Brotherhood." Instead, he started naming as many clubs he could think of and said he'd be on "every team in the NBA."

James was also asked who he would like to take a selfie with, but he could not come up with one clear answer. Fans yelled "Melo" and "Wade" to which James said, "I think we got enough selfies."

When asked about his "secret talent," James said he plays video games. He also revealed his favorite Easter candy as green apple Jelly Beans.

As for how James made it in the NBA, he told a young fan, "I had a dream."

James ended his Q&A session, joking, "These guys are tough. They have no filter."

James made the appearance at Samsung 837, the brand's "consumer technology playground" in New York City's Chelsea neighborhood. The "social hub," which opened in February, is meant to be a tourist attraction for fans to view the latest Samsung technology, rather than just be a store.

James screened "Striving for Greatness," a virtual reality film, for a select group of fans. The video, made in part with Uninterrupted,documents James and some Cavaliers teammates working out in Miami during the offseason.

"It's been beneficial not only to myself to be able to capture that, but for the fans who follow me and want to know exactly how I'm preparing and what my daily routine is," James said of the film, which includes clips of him at the gym, on the beach, in the pool, in the car with his son and meditating in his backyard.

James made the stop at Samsung 837 in between battles with New York teams. The Cavaliers lost to the Nets in Brooklyn on Thursday, 104-95, and they take on the Knicks on Saturday night.

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