Stan Kroenke

In his application to move the Rams to Los Angeles, Stan Kroenke made some specious claims that the city of St. Louis is the problem. But the real problem is a completely substandard product. The Rams have been abominable for the past 12 years.

The last time the Rams had a winning record was 2003. iTunes and The Department of Homeland Security came into existence the same year as the last time the St. Louis Rams had a winning season. It's true.

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The Rams' record from 2007-2011 was the worst five-year record in the history of the NFL. It's true.

According to Popular Science, later in life, people generally cannot remember what happened before age 7. That means that a 19-year-old Rams fan cannot remember a winning season by the Rams.

Incidentally, the Rams had not had a winning season in the nine years before Marshall Faulk came to town. If you take out the four good Faulk years -- 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2003 -- the Rams have not had a winning season since 1989. (They went 7-9 in 2002, in case you were wondering).

Four winning seasons in 26 years.

It is obvious why he had to resort to ad hominem attacks on the city. When Cortes reached the New World, he burned his ships, so his men could not think of going back. By doing this, Kroenke has pulled a Cortes to create a scenario that makes it impossible to stay in St. Louis.

Rams Fans

He is desperate, and he realizes of the three teams seeking to move, he makes the worst case to the NFL for moving. St. Louis is building a stadium. San Diego and Oakland are not. They do not have the public money. So Kroenke resorts to this?

The NFL fears that a one-year delay in resolving the L.A. situation will result in a degrading of the fan base, but it would be hard to imagine how an owner could degrade the St. Louis fan base any more than this. Kroenke believes (in his application) the league will be harmed if the Rams stay in St. Louis, and his comments about St. Louis ensure harm to the Rams in St. Louis -- unless the NFL decides that Kroenke should not own the Rams, or whatever team is in St. Louis.

Kroenke is now "all in" on the move, and if he does not get the 24 votes, the NFL really has no choice but to "suggest" he sell the Rams.

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