High School Football

A high school football player in east Texas died after collapsing on the football field and being flown to a nearby hospital via helicopter.

The cause of Cam'ron Matthews' death hasn't been determined yet, but teammates said he had been feeling dizzy before collapsing on the sideline at a football game Friday night. He had just come off the field from a kickoff return before collapsing.

Matthews suffered a seizure at the hospital and a team of doctors and nurses tried to keep him breathing, but he died one day after the football game.

The junior is the sixth high school football player to die in the United States this year.

According to The TODAY Show, the community has been in mourning ever since. Facebook groups have been set up to organize support for Matthews' family and to honor his memory.

A GoFundMe page has also been set up to provide financial support to Matthews' family. Meanwhile, this season of high school football seems to grow darker with each growing week.

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