Angels In The Outfield 30 For 30

The postseason success of the Cubs, Mets, Royals and Blue Jays, four teams that have struggled mightily for the past two decades, has baseball fans believing in October magic. The folks at CollegeHumor have taken notice. The comedy site dug into one of the classic underdog stories in MLB history: Angels in the Outfield.

The documentary footage, a mock ESPN 30 For 30, includes interviews with actors from the movie and baseball writers.

Tim Kurkjian is far and away the star of the video. The ESPN baseball analyst is an impressive actor and gives the ultimate quote:

"If a hockey player can win The Masters, if a golden retriever can play basketball, if Michael Jordan can play with Bill Murray and Tweety bird, then maybe we can believe the Angels can actually win baseball games."

The interviewees also point out that it was pretty creepy for a manager to spend all his free time with a few little boys.

All in all, this will make you believe in baseball magic again.

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