Mijain Lopez

In Mijain Lopez's defense, he was just really excited. After winning gold in Greco-Roman wrestling -- his third Olympic gold, tying him for the best mark in Olympic Greco-Roman history -- Lopez could only celebrate in the most audacious of ways.

That celebration included a rather odd sight: Lopez bodyslamming his coach into the mat.

His coach put himself on a tee, though, jumping into Lopez's arms as the wrestler was deep into his lively post-match theatrics:

Overlooked in Lopez's extensive celebration is the reaction of his opponent, Turkey's Riza Kayaalp, who seems a touch disgusted with the three-part act Lopez orchestrates in the wake of his 8-0 victory.

Yeah, it might not win any sportsmanship awards, but just try to say you don't enjoy watching a big guy in spandex dance and gesticulate like no one's watching.

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