Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson put together one of the NBA's all-time greatest offensive performances Monday night. The Warriors guard rained 60 points on the Pacers in 29 minutes, including 40 in the first half. On a team with two MVPs -- Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant -- it was the No. 3 star (or No. 4, depending on how you look at it) stepping into the spotlight.

The numbers put Thompson right up with some of the biggest names in basketball history. In certain cases, Thompson jumped ahead of NBA legends.

Here are five statistical takeaways from a night Thompson averaged more than two points per minute:

1. He Didn't Play The Fourth Quarter

The Thompson Show ended when he was taken out with 1:22 left in the third quarter, and that only makes us wonder how memorable his night could have been had he played the fourth.

Thompson's 60 points is the third-highest three-quarter total for a player who did not play the fourth, On April 9, 1978, George Gervin scored 63 points in 33 minutes before watching the Jazz finalize a 153-132 blowout of his Spurs. On Dec. 20, 2005, Kobe Bryant dropped 62 in 32:53 on the Mavericks, as the Lakers won 112-90.

Thompson's 60 points in 29:03 are the most in NBA history for a player who played less than 30 minutes in the shot-clock era.

2. Thompson Scored Nearly As Fast As Wilt Chamberlain Did In His 100-Point Game

Prepare your mind for some math ...

On March 2, 1962, Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points in a full 48 minutes for the Philadelphia Warriors. That's a pace of 2.08333 points per minute.

Thompson played 29:03 minutes Monday night, which means his pace was 2.0654 points per minute.


Thompson probably would have tired out and fallen off the pace had he played 48 minutes, but these numbers are still incredible. Thompson was a shot or two away from eclipsing Chamberlain's pace for what is considered the greatest single-game performance ever.

3. Thompson Barely Had Possession Of The Basketball

According to a 2013 report by Quartz, an average football game only includes about 11 minutes of action. 

In a similar way, Klay Thompson's 60-point night only included him touching the basketball for 88.4 seconds.

That means Thompson touched the ball for 1.47333 seconds per point. He has a pretty quick release, ya know.

Also, Thompson only had 46 touches all evening.

And took 11 dribbles ...

4. Thompson's Eight 3-Pointers Tied For The Most In A 60-Point Game

Wilt Chamberlain was not a knock-down shooter by any means, but it is also true he had no 3-point line to work with in 1962. In fact, of the 66 60-point performances in NBA history, 43 happened before the 3-point line's introduction in 1979-80.

But among those who have chalked up 60 with the 3-point line, Thompson became the third to make eight 3-pointers. He joins elite company in Kobe Bryant (March 16, 2007) and LeBron James (March 3, 2014). However, Bryant took just 12 3-point attempts and James ten. Thompson chucked up 14 3-pointers Monday.

Thompson's eight 3-pointers are good for a time for 87th on the all-time single-game list. Thompson's personal high is 11, and Curry set the NBA record earlier this season with 13 3-pointers on November 7.

5. Thompson Is The Fourth Warrior To Score 60 Points In A Game

Thompson joins three Hall of Famers, Chamberlain, Rick Barry and Joe Fulks as the only Warriors to post five-dozen points. That's right. Curry has never done it. Neither has Durant.

By no means does this make Thompson a Hall of Famer. Yet.

Considering Thompson also holds the record for points in a quarter with 37 on January 23, 2015, he is making a case for being one of the streakiest players in NBA history. At 26, with one championship under his belt, Thompson is at least trending toward a Hall of Fame career.

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