Craig Sager

One of the greatest moments at Game 6 of the NBA Finals wasn't televised -- and had nothing to do with the game. Craig Sager, making his broadcasting debut at the Finals, spent a few minutes FaceTiming with James Conner, the Pittsburgh Panthers running back who was diagnosed with cancer at the end of last season.

Conner has since said his cancer is in remission, and he was apparently inspired by Sager during his own cancer battle. But what's most amazing about their connection is that it wasn't pre-planned at all.

According to a reporter on the scene, someone happened to mention that they had a friend who had gone through cancer, and that he had looked up to Sager during his own battle. Next thing you know, Sager was on the phone with Conner.

Conner also shared part of the encounter from his own perspective.

This just serves as further evidence that Craig Sager is the greatest of humans.

And if you noticed with a flawless suit Sager was wearing at Game 6 of the NBA Finals, feast your eyes on this bonus clip from HBO's Real Sports, which features the broadcaster's extensive wardrobe:

Rock on, Sager.

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