Dak Prescott

Believe it or not, Dak Prescott missed an easy throw Sunday. Don't worry, he cleaned it up.

In the midst of a 301-yard, three-touchdown passing performance, Prescott attempted to toss a water cup into the garbage on the Cowboys' sideline. He missed. But Prescott noticed his error, and rather than allowing a member of the AT&T Stadium to pick up his mess, Prescott got up, bent over and threw out the garbage.

One week ago, Tony Romo lauded Dak Prescott's ability to lead the Dallas Cowboys in his absence, and now, in Romo's presence. Prescott embraced the scrutiny with a 27-17 win over the Ravens, the ninth straight victory for the 9-1 Cowboys.

Prescott is proving he is not a diva. The 23-year-old rookie, a fourth-round pick by the Cowboys, was a three-star recruit out of high school, who went to Mississippi State, more commonly a doormat in the SEC than a conference title contender. Prescott became a Heisman candidate and brought Mississippi State to a New Year's Six Bowl -- the 2014 Orange Bowl.

Nothing is given to Dak Prescott. So even though he is the quarterback for the world's most valuable sports team, he will pick up his water cups.

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