Athletes are human, and we love reminders.

But it’s the athletes that are most convinced of their brilliance that bring us the most joy when brought crashing back down to Earth.

Few athletes in this world are as sure of their own greatness as Manchester City’s Mario Balotelli. The 20-year old Italian striker often refers to himself in the third person, dumped his girlfriend right before she went on live TV and said Lionel Messi (unquestionably the best player on the planet) is barely better than him.

Not only is that statement crazy (Balotelli has six goals in 11 league games this year; Messi has 27 goals in 25 league games), but Messi has never had this much trouble navigating a substitution bib:

When Balotelli crashed his car last summer, police padded him down following the accident and found a wedge of bills in his pocket totaling $5,000. When the cops asked why he had the massive wad of cash on him, Balotelli responded, “Because I am rich.”

He’s also among the most cranky, entitled players on the field, racking up some of the highest penalty infractions this year in the English Premier League.

Needless to say, the video is especially gratifying for anyone tired of his act, and maybe more so for those that can’t get enough of the guy.