It’s the Monday after the Super Bowl. Football season is over. You’re at work and wishing you weren’t after having a third helping of the guacamole last night. It’s a rough morning for all of us. Can’t quite remember all of the ads that everyone in the office is talking about? Hazy on which ones had babies and which ones had Biebers? We sorted out the best and worst for you.

Volkswagen commercial: The Force

Already at a staggering 11.5 million hits on YouTube the night before the Super Bowl, Volkswagen’s take on every child Star Wars fan’s dream -- actually harnessing the power of The Force -- was nothing short of awesome. Best ad of the night? Hands down. Easily the cutest non-Puppy Bowl related thing of the night. That was so awesome we want to adopt the commercial and raise it like a son. We want to tuck it in at night and enroll it in the most prestigious elementary school. And we’re talking about the whole spot, not just the Darth Vader kid. Quick side note: What was it selling again? I already forgot. Oh well. They could have been selling used coffee filters and we still would have loved it.

NFL’s Best. Fans. Ever.

No commercial’s editing was as cool as this one. It wasn’t the funniest or the most interesting, but it may have been the most clever. Just a really awesome twist on Americana.

Two words: Test baby. Makes this commercial by itself.

Doritos House Sitting

The idea that Doritos crumbs can do anything other than give you high blood pressure is sort of amusing, but when grandpa pops up alive at the very end, it may have been the funniest twist of any commercial on the night.

E*Trade Enzo

It has a talking baby doing an Italian accent. That could have been the entire Halftime show and it would have been exponentially better than the Black Eyed Peas. Is there anything a talking baby can't sell? It makes you wonder how Baby Geniuses was so awful.

Pepsi Max -- Love Hurts

Not great on the whole, but the ending alone is worth it.

Volkswagen Black Beetle

VW wins the night. Another spot for a product that we barely remember and it still was better than almost everything else.

Go Daddy

Look, we like attractive women as much as most hot blooded males. But we’re sort of tired of this schtick, and really, Jillian Michaels sort of terrifies us with her intensity. We think the GoDaddy VP was thinking "Who can we get that is colder and scarier than Danica Patrick? Jillian Michaels? Book her!" Why are we still doing these "check the web for unrated content" bits? Much like its spokesperson Danica Patrick, this ad won't be winning anything anytime soon.

Doritos Dust Licker

Umm, what? It's illegal for two men to get married, but we can watch a dude lick chip dust off another man's finger and pants. MIXED MESSAGES AMERICA! OK, we’ll grant it – this was one of the worst, but it was also sort of one of the best.

Doritos Pug Attack

It’s an animal! How cute! How boring. The dude was obnoxious and the ending was predictable.

Audi Rich Prison Break

We'd like to take this time to thank Audi for reminding us that white collar criminals still enjoy a much nicer life than the rest of us. Signed, America's 9.7 percent unemployment rate. And in the midst of one of the greatest economic crises in American history, you know what’s not funny? Rich people making fun of richer people. This is all too bad because there’s no doubt that the cars have style. They can sell themselves, and instead we spent more time wondering why anyone would think Kenny G would be funny, ironic, interesting or noteworthy selling anything other than hair straighteners.

Best Buy Ozzy/Bieber

We get it. Ozzy is old and doesn't understand new technology. WE GET IT.

Eminem Brisk Iced Tea

Remember when Eminem was really controversial? Those were the days. Nothing screams cutting-edge like doing an Iced Tea commercial.

Honorable Mention Worst
Popcorn in Cowboys Stadium

Cameron Diaz hand feeding A-Rod popcorn was easily one of the worst ads of the night. The popcorn movement was set back three generations.

Jury Is Still Out
Eminem for Chrysler in Detroit

Are we the only ones not FREAKING OUT about the Eminem/Chrysler commercial? It was all right, we guess. Nothing spectacular. For starters, it's still Detroit, so let's not get ahead of ourselves. Plus, Eminem was just in an ICED TEA commercial. I'm supposed to take this guy seriously?