A Message From ThePostGame.com Founder:

As a young boy, I would run to the mailbox each week with anticipation. Which star would grace the cover of Sports Illustrated, what amazing photos would capture sports moments, and what expert analysis would be featured? Sure, I could get my regular fill of local sports information in the morning edition of the Baltimore Sun and the late news on local TV (thank you, Vince Bagli). But it was Sports Illustrated that was my gateway to the broader world of sports and the role sports plays in society.

Cut to 2011. In a world where information is available instantaneously on every device, the delivery of editorial through print magazines has become anachronistic. Yet their original purpose, and their quality content, remain relevant.

ThePostGame.com is our attempt to re-architect the sports magazine for the Internet generation. A daily, digital sports magazine has many advantages over its print brethren. We do not have deadlines weeks or months in advance, but can be timely and topical. We do not have specific amounts of space to fill each issue, but can write as long or as short as a story demands. We are not limited to the written word, but can combine video, still photography, text and links in order to immerse the reader with compelling, modern-day storytelling. We are not beholden to the same handful of staff writers, but are free to access a diversity of contributors with unique voices and expertise. And we are not speaking down from the mountain as the "voice of God," but will involve fans as influencers of, and contributors to, the daily sports dialogue.

With a mixture of interviews, investigative pieces, commentary, humor, blogs, and video, we will look at stories from every angle. My editorial partners -- Dave Morgan, Eric Adelson and Victor Chi -- share my passion for producing high-quality sports journalism and discovering and developing new talent. We will take risks. We will innovate. And we will evolve with your feedback and support. This is your magazine.

I want to thank my partners at Yahoo! Sports for this opportunity to work with them once again. I am clearly biased here, but I believe top to bottom they are the most talented team in sports media. From the executives, to the engineers, to the product team, to the editors and writers, there is a reason why Yahoo! finds itself as the most trafficked sports site on the planet.

And to my family at SportsFanLive.com -- Sam, Steve, Eric, Victor, Jesse, Steven, Dave, Bob, Michael and the rest of our team too numerous to mention -- you have taken on the challenges of working for a startup with grace and fortitude. I look forward to taking the next step on this amazing journey with all of you.

David Katz
Twitter: @katzmando
Founder and Publisher