Colin Kaepernick, Time

Colin Kaepernick is now kneeling on your closest newsstand.

On Thursday morning, Time announced Kaepernick will be on the magazine's newest cover. For those scoring at home, Kaepernick now has more Time covers than passes thrown (zero) through two games this season.

Time uses an image of Kaepernick kneeling in the 49ers' home red jersey. He has cornrows (Kaepernick had an afro during the preseason) and his eyes stare off into the distance.

"The Perilous Fight" title refers to Kaepernick's ongoing national-anthem protests and the conversation he has stirred across the nation. Sean Gregory wrote the main story, which is currently unavailable online unless you're a Time subscriber. But two other Kaepernick-related articles, written by Ivy League professors, are accessible for free on "There's No Such Thing As Selective Patriot" by Eddie S. Glaude, Jr. and "Colin Kaepernick Had No Choice but to Kneel" by John McWhorter.

For those hoping Kaepernick's protest publicity will go away soon, this suggests the contrary. With a national magazine picking up the debate on its cover, the discussion continues.

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