Chuck Blazer

Chuck Blazer is the former U.S. soccer official who became an informant that exposed the massive corruption in FIFA. The latest edition of HBO's Real Sports features the first TV interview with his former girlfriend, Mary Lynn Blanks, and she talks about Blazer's lavish lifestyle.

This high living was all built on fraud. As Real Sports puts it in its report, "He stole millions meant to develop soccer talent in poor countries ... all the while outwardly playing the hero ... even posing with the young players whose support money he was plundering."

Consider this exchange between Blanks and Real Sports correspondent David Scott about how Blazer's excesses extended to luxury accommodations for his pets:

Blanks: "Just for the cats."
Scott: "In Trump Towers, for the cats."
Blanks: "$5,500 a month."
Scott: "You're telling me that the cats lived in a one-bedroom apartment ... "
Blanks: "On the 49th floor, overlooking The Empire State Building."

Here is part of the segment that premieres Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET/PT: