Chrissy Teigen

A British magazine called Love is known for producing an annual Advent calendar that features sexy celebrities striking provocative poses. Ordinarily this wouldn't be the type of content we'd share with our readers, but this year supermodel Chrissy Teigen manages to combine some of ThePostGame's most popular themes in her shoot:

-- Fitness: Teigen plays the role of hosting a workout video.

-- Throwback: The production seems to be a tribute to Aerobicise, which is known as the first sexually implicit exercise program and was a hit on Showtime in the early 80s.

-- Fashion: Teigen's workout gear includes leg warmers, the fitness accessory that Jane Fonda made famous.

-- Food: Teigen stretches for wine, dips for fries and performs a bicep curl with a hot dog.

One reason for Teigen's popularity is her ability to blend sex appeal with comedy, and this bit is a great example: