Tom Brady

You've heard about Tom Brady's dietary exploits -- he doesn't eat sugar, he avoids nightshades but sometimes not tomatoes, he doesn't consume any dairy, and he's never had coffee, allegedly.

Those revelations have painted an image of Brady as a flawlessly nourished monument of human achievement. And now you, too, can be like Tom: His official website is selling a cookbook based upon all of his dietary secrets.

It's call the "TB12" Nutrition Manual, and it's only $200, although the cookbook has already sold out online:


The website advertises the cookbook as a "limited-edition 'living document'" and notes that it features screw binding so that additional pages can be added over time, as required for all living documents.

Doesn't seem like the best use of $200, but there's no doubt some Patriots fans will be ready to eat this up -- literally.

Thanks to For The Win for the find.

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