7-Layer Dip

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We might not be college basketball experts, but we know a good excuse to throw a party when we see one. This year for March Madness, treat yourself and your friends with seven-layer dip recipes perfect for noshing on while you watch the tournament play out.

Whether you are celebrating another win for your March Madness bracket or mourning a loss, check out these seven-layer dip recipes that include classic iterations of creamy guacamole and refried beans, as well as lightened-up versions that swap heavy sour cream with healthier Greek yogurt. If you are looking for a completely different spin on this classic, check out hummus-based layer dips that swap taco seasoning for Mediterranean spices.

No matter what dip you crave, seven-layer dips are the perfect, simple-to-make snack to keep your party guests satisfied while the game-clock ticks down. For more recipe inspiration, check out these 10 seven-layer dip recipes you have to try. Serve your dips with homemade tortilla or pita chips for a gourmet touch, and add your own spin to any of these recipes with fresh herbs, your own spice blend, or simple healthy swaps.

7-Layer Dip With Queso Con Carne

Queso Con Carne

Layer fresh guacamole, salsa, queso con carne, sour cream, olives, and more for this classic seven-layer dip that won't disappoint. Serve with crisp tortilla chips fresh from the fryer. Click here for recipe.

7-Layer Dip With Roasted Poblano Peppers

Roasted Poblano Peppers

There are easier versions of this favorite dip, but I love the flavors that fresh cilantro and roasted poblanos add. If you don't feel like turning on the oven, substitute a can of tomatoes with chiles for the Roma tomato, poblano peppers, and fresh cilantro. -- Emily Wilson. Click here for recipe.

Easy 7-Layer Dip

Easy 7-Layer

This dip takes no time to whip up. Combine sour cream and taco seasoning for a flavorful layer along with refried beans, avocado, shredded Cheddar, black olives and green onion. Click here for recipe.

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Game Day 7-Layer Dip

Game Day 7-Layer

Serve this classic seven-layer dip in a clear casserole so your guests can see the layers of fresh guacamole, refried beans, sour cream, olives, Monterey Jack cheese, onions and salsa. Click here for recipe.

Game-Winning 7-Layer Dip

Game-Winning 7-Layer

Guacamole, green olives, refried beans and more all come together to make one delicious layered dip. Sprinkle some fresh cilantro on top before serving if you like. Click here for recipe.

Greek-Style 7-Layer Dip

Greek-Style 7-Layer

This seven-layer dip replaces sour cream with nonfat Greek yogurt, which is healthier and equally creamy. I've also topped it off with some feta cheese and Greek Kalamata olives, which I find more flavorful than conventional olives. Delicious and healthy. Enjoy with pita or pita chips! -- Emily Jacobs. Click here for recipe.

Mediterranean 7-Layer Dip

Mediterranean 7-Layer

This seven-layer dip is inspired by Mediterranean flavors and combines feta, hummus, tart Greek yogurt, Kalamata olives and more. Serve this dip with warmed pita or pita chips for a lighter game-day appetizer. Click here for recipe.

7-Layer Greek Dip

7-Layer Greek Dip

Everything I love about Greek salad is in this dip. Similar in concept to a 7-Layer Mexican Dip, this dip gets a fresher and lighter twist by layering tasty veggies, Greek flavors and healthy hummus. It comes together in no time, can hang out in the fridge until ready to serve, and when arranged in a pie plate, this beauty of a dip is super-portable for party travel. -- Marlene Koch. Click here for recipe.

Slow-Cooker Mexican 7-Layer Dip

Slow-Cooker Mexican 7-Layer

This seven-layer dip stacks a variety of cheeses, beans, diced bell pepper, and more. Add extra jalapeños for more heat or leave off entirely for a mild dip. You can serve straight from the slow-cooker, so your dip stays warm while you watch the game. Click here for recipe.

Zesty 7-Layer Dip

Zesty 7-Layer Dip

Seven-layer dips can be pretty bland if you don't add spices and extra flavors. Adding these zesty ingredients makes for a recipe bursting with flavor. -- Emily Jacobs. Click here for recipe.

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