J.R. Smith

If you are what you eat, J.R. Smith is fluffy and sweet on a stick. This revelation comes after the Cavaliers guard bought cotton candy during a preseason game Monday night.

Smith missed his second consecutive preseason game with a sore left hamstring, but eased the pain with pure sugar. While cusp guys fought for a spot on the roster, Smith sat there like a little kid at the movies.

But wait. There is more to the story. Smith, who apparently keeps some form of currency on the bench, bought the snack with a plus-one in mind.

For those worried about Smith's maturity, his fellow cotton candy eater is of age to eat cotton candy. Dash James Day is 3, and his dad has a Wannamaker Trophy.

Here is an explanation from ESPN's Dave McMenamin, who also reveals head coach David Blatt was unaware of Smith's endeavors:

Shortly after Blatt's remarks, a Cavs team official said that Smith was purchasing the cotton candy for the son of professional golfer Jason Day, who was seated by the Cavs bench. Day's wife, Ellie, is from Lucas, Ohio, and is a Cleveland sports fan. The couple sat courtside for Game 3 of the NBA Finals in June.

After finishing the Presidents Cup on Sunday, Day flew from South Korea back to Ohio to catch the Cavs game Monday. Smith, an avid golfer in his free time, has befriended Day since he was traded to Cleveland from New York last season.

Dash, how many cotton candies do you want?

Dash James Day

OK, J.R., you can keep the other.

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