Sterling Shepard has quickly become an NFL fashion icon. In just his second season, the Giants receiver was named as one of two ambassadors, along with Stefon Diggs, for the NFL's 2017 men's lifestyle campaign.

Shepard's teammate is fashion star Odell Beckham Jr. and his former teammate Victor Cruz was Sports Illustrated's 2016 world's most stylish athlete. But Shepard says his fashion sense comes from neither of them but from his fiancée, supermodel Chanel Iman.

"I learn a lot from both of them, but I'm with her every day, so I'd definitely say her," Shepard says. "That's all her life consists of, so she definitely teaches me a lot and I learn a lot from her."

For Shepard, who proposed to Iman two weeks ago, this is 100 percent the correct answer. Shepard has passed Husband 101.

Iman and Shepard appeared together in New York City on Tuesday, taking photos and signing autographs on behalf of New Era Cap. For the 24-year-old Shepard, who practically did not leave Oklahoma until getting drafted by the Giants in 2016, navigating the New York City fashion scene can be an overwhelming experience. Having one of the world's most recognized models by his side definitely helps.

"I think that he had pretty nice style when I met him, or else I wouldn't have talked to him," Iman says with laugh. "His style is a little bit more simple."

"That's all she ever tells me, 'Just keep it simple,' Shepard adds. "What do you say? 'Simplicity is the best way to go.'"

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication," Iman says.

Just last April, Iman told ThePostGame that Shepard's style was "very Oklahoma" when they met. Shepard and Iman began dating during the 2016 season, when the Giants were a wild-card team. Now the Giants are 2-11.

"It's been a rough season for her," Shepard says. "We were dating around last season, and the way that was going, it was great. We made the playoffs. And then now, she's having to experience the other side, which isn't too good."

Well, at least Shepard and Iman can feel comfortable going on a Miami boat trip after Week 17. Too soon still?

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