The stars come out at night, and they come out when their team is winning ballgames. With the NBA Playoffs down to just four teams left standing, the most affluent fans are ready to take their seats courtside.

Whether you watch in-person or on TV, the odds are good you'll see some of these celebrities in attendance. The Lakers and Knicks may draw their star-studded hordes, but even small-market teams attract the occasional famous face. Here are some of the biggest fan for the league's four remaining teams.

Olivia Munn, Oklahoma City Thunder

Olivia Munn

A native of Oklahoma, Munn went to college at University of Oklahoma and has since embraced the Thunder from afar. She and boyfriend Aaron Rodgers caught a Thunder game on the road at Milwaukee.

M.C. Hammer, Golden State Warriors

MC Hammer

It's always Hammer Time for the Warriors. MC is a frequent sight at Golden State games, and he's close with the team, too. After the Warriors' NBA championship last summer, he stayed up all night celebrating with Draymond Green and the rest of the crew:

Expect to see him often during Warriors broadcasts the next few weeks.

Nav Bhatia, Toronto Raptors

Nav Bhatia

Outside of Canada, you may not know much about Nav Bhatia, an Indian-born entrepreneur who runs car dealerships in Toronto. But he's known locally as a Raptors superfan: He's held season tickets since 1995 and hasn't missed a game since.

He's easy to spot with his turban, but he stands out even more for his raucous cheering and his willingness to get under the skin of opponents. He also knows his way around social media:

Needless to say, Nav Bhatia deserves his own reality show.

Kid Cudi, Cleveland Cavaliers

Kid Cudi

Born and raised in Cleveland, Scott Mescudi -- known to his fans as the rapper Kid Cudi -- is a fan of all Cleveland sports teams, including the Cavs.

Bill Hader, Oklahoma City Thunder

Bill Hader

A Tulsa native, Hader left Oklahoma in the nineties, when the thought of having a local NBA team seemed like a pipe dream. But when the Thunder came to town, Hader bought in. He's watched the Thunder play in the NBA Finals in person, and now he doesn't have to wrestle with the time conflict of how the Saturday Night Live season overlaps with the NBA season.

Here's Hader talking about the Thunder and his fanship from back in 2012, during the NBA Finals:

Usher, Cleveland Cavaliers


Raymond Usher isn't just a Cavs fan -- he's a minority owner of the team. And while that might be little more than ceremonial, he takes his duties seriously. Whether it's singing the national anthem at an NBA Finals game, helping James Johnson off the ground after a hard fall, or defending Matthew Delladova, Usher is a regular at Cavs playoff games.

Jessica Alba, Golden State Warriors

Jessica Alba

Everyone's a Golden State fan nowadays. Jessica Alba was a fan back when you couldn't find them. She's rooted for guys like Troy Murphy, Mike Dunleavy Jr. and Adonal Foyle, so you know she's the real deal. As far as entrenched celebrity fans go, Alba is the best thing the Warriors have got.

Samuel L. Jackson, Toronto Raptors

Samuel L. Jackson

Didn't see this one coming, did you? But it's true: Jackson is, apparently, a Raptors fan, and has been from the very beginning. He attends games every so often, and he even managed to sneak a Raptors reference into the final cut of Jackie Brown.

A pre-Vince Carter Raptors fan? We didn't know those existed.

Drew Carey, Cleveland Cavaliers

Drew Carey

Of course Drew Carey loves the Cavs. He loves Cleveland. One look look at Carey's body of work reveals one consistent theme: His appreciation for Cleveland is vastly out of proportion with Cleveland's objective quality as a city.

Here's Carey soaking in the victory after last year's Eastern Conference Finals win:

Like all Clevelanders, this man is in desperate need of a championship.

The Flaming Lips, Oklahoma City Thunder

Wayne Coyne

You might not expect a psychedelic rock band to get all hot and bothered over an NBA team. But the Flaming Lips are big supporters of the hometown team.

In fact, not only do they root for the Thunder, but they made a special pump-up song for OKC, called "Thunder Up," for the 2012 NBA Finals:

Granted, it didn't do them much good. Maybe it's time to give that musical motivation another shot.

Eddy Cue, Golden State Warriors

Eddy Cue

Cue is one of the top leaders at Apple, and in the Bay Area, that qualifies you for celebrity status. Plus, getting to hob-nob with the NBA commissioner at basketball games probably indicates your importance. At any rate, it's always nice to have a super-wealthy tech mogul in your corner.

Drake, Toronto Raptors


Yeah, you knew this was coming. If there was any doubt, it could only be because you thought Drake is better filed under "Celebrities Who Incorrectly Think They Are On Their Favorite Sports Team."

Because come on, that picture. But Drake takes a lot of ownership into Toronto's NBA team, in part because of the contributions he's made: He's helped energize a city and strengthen the local fan base, and this year he even got into the mix on Toronto's jersey redesign.

Drake loves his Raptors. He might love Raptors basketball more than any of us love anything in this world. That's not a compliment. That's just the facts.

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