Getty Images Rob Gronkowski, Tom Brady

In six Super Bowls, Tom Brady has thrown 13 touchdown passes to 11 different players. Now that's spreading the wealth.

One of the players with two touchdowns is linebacker Mike Vrabel, who used to line up as a tight end in goal-line situations.

Here's a rundown of each touchdown pass from Brady in the Super Bowl:

David Patten

Getty Images David Patten

Super Bowl XXXVI: Patten catches a 8-yard pass in the right corner of the end zone in the final minute of the second quarter to give the Patriots a 14-3 lead against the Rams. The Patriots win 20-17.

Deion Branch

Getty Images Deion Branch

Super Bowl XXXVIII: Branch's 5-yard score gives the Patriots a 7-0 lead against Carolina with just about three minutes left in the second quarter.

David Givens

Getty Images David Givens

Super Bowl XXXVIII: Givens' 5-yard grab in the end zone gives the Patriots a 14-7 lead late in the second quarter against the Panthers.
Super Bowl XXXIX: Givens' 4-yard catch pulls the Patriots into a 7-7 tie at the half against Philadelphia.

Mike Vrabel

Getty Images Mike Vrabel

Super Bowl XXXVIII: Linebacker Mike Vrabel lines up as a tight end and catches a 1-yard touchdown to give the Patriots a 29-22 lead with 2:51 left in the fourth quarter against Carolina. The Patriots win 32-29.
Super Bowl XXXIX: Vrabel has a 2-yard catch on the opening possession of the third quarter to give New England its first lead against Philadelphia at 14-7. The Patriots win 24-21.

Randy Moss

NFL/YouTube Randy Moss

Super Bowl XLII: Moss' 6-yard catch with 2:42 left in the fourth quarter recaptures the lead for New England at 14-10 against the Giants. The Patriots lose 17-14.

Danny Woodhead

Getty Images Danny Woodhead

Super Bowl XLVI: Woodhead's 4-yard reception with 8 seconds left in the second quarter gives the Patriots their first lead against the Giants at 10-9.

Aaron Hernandez

Getty Images Aaron Hernandez

Super Bowl XLVI: Hernandez's 12-yard catch caps the opening drive of the third quarter and extends the Patriots' lead to 17-9. The Patriots lose 21-17.

Brandon LaFell

Getty Images Brandon LaFell

Super Bowl XLIX: LaFell's 11-yard score gives the Patriots a 7-0 lead against Seattle with 9:47 left in the second quarter.

Rob Gronkowski

Getty Images Rob Gronkowski

Super Bowl XLIX: Gronkowski runs down the right sideline and Brady hits him in the end zone from 22 yards to give the Patriots a 14-7 lead with 31 seconds before halftime.

Danny Amendola

Getty Images Danny Amendola

Super Bowl XLIX: Amendola's 4-yard catch midway through the fourth quarter cuts Seattle's lead to 24-21.

Julian Edelman

Getty Images Julian Edelman

Super Bowl XLIX: Edelman throws an inside-outside move on cornerback Tharold Simon to free himself in the left flat for a 3-yard catch that gives New England a 28-24 lead with 2:02 left. The Patriots win 28-24.


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