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Unlike American sports leagues, the Premier League does not have a postseason. The team with the best record during the regular season (the only season) is champion. This means that, many times, the winner is determined before the final week.

Leicester City F.C. clinched the Premier League title on Monday, so the club's final two games are essentially one big party. The team's last home game of its heroic campaign is Saturday at King Power Stadium. LFC is in total YOLO mode. Free beer and free pizza will be present.

What is Singha Beer? Who cares? It's free.

Note: Singha is produced by Boon Rawd Brewery in Thailand. It is the official beer of Leicester City F.C.

According to the club's website, a bottle of water is an accepted free substitute for one bottle of beer if a supporter so chooses.

As for the pizza, fans cannot get their pies at the field, but they will leave King Power Stadium with a voucher for a free '11 pizza (Pepperoni, Margherita, Hawaiian, BBQ Americano or Chicken Supreme on an 'All American Thin' or 'Pan' base) at any of four Pizza Huts in downtown Leicester.

That's right. The taste of victory, folks.

Manager Claudio Ranieri promised his team free pizza earlier this season when the club could post its first clean sheet (shutout). A championship later, that deal seems petty now.

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