Ida Keeling

As far as 100-year-olds go, Ida Keeling is a speed demon. At last weekend's Penn Relays, the centenarian completed the 100-meter dash in 1 minute, 17 seconds.

That's far from the sub-10 second speeds Olympians like Usain Bolt achieve. But Keeling's mark is historic nonetheless: She broke the world record for her age group.

So how do you celebrate something like that? If you're Keeling, you drop and give the crowd some push-ups.

"If you've got a will, you'll find a way," Keeling said after her record run.

Keeling's competition wasn't just the race itself -- it was the perception that someone her age can't, or shouldn't, participate in friendly competitions typically reserved for younger crowds.

Said Keeling: "I don't want to let nobody drag me down."

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