Target Field

Once news broke that the legendary musician Prince had died at his home in suburban Minneapolis, tributes have poured in from all around the world. But those displays of appreciation paled to the passion put forth in Minnesota, where Prince grew up and chose to live even after he had risen to pop star fame.

While the streets in Minneapolis were getting flooded by fans making their tributes and singing their favorite Prince songs, the Minnesota Twins put together their own impressive, multi-faceted display of affection. For starters, they painted the stadium purple:

The team also put together a video tribute that the team played before the game. The video features a long-time team tradition of having rookies sing Prince's "Little Red Corvette" -- a tradition that began when Torii Hunter came up with the idea years ago.

Fittingly, the Twins then played a game against the Milwaukee Brewers in the rain, amid the stadium's purple glow. The team blasted Prince music after home runs, and the locker room was blaring "Little Red Corvette" after the game.

The rain and the win were lucky accidents, making for a truly special way to say goodbye to a local hero.

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