Andrew Bogut, Stephen Curry

We've seen Stephen Curry celebrate three-pointers before going in. We've seen teammates celebrate Curry's shots before they drop. But Andrew Bogut took that all to a new level Monday night.

In the first quarter of the Warriors-Magic game, Bogut tipped a loose ball right to Curry on the perimeter. The Baby-Faced Assassin was left wide open. Rather than hang around for a potential offensive rebound, Bogut started chugging back down the court, waving a finger in the air -- before Curry even started his shooting motion.

In fact, Curry took a dribble.

Of course, Curry swished the three. The reigning MVP went for 41 points and 13 rebounds.

Let's take a look at the Vine, so we never have to stop watching:

In the same game, Curry also did this:

The Warriors bounced back from a loss to the Lakers, defeating the Magic, 119-113. Golden State is 27-0 at home.

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