Cam Newton

Stephen Curry said the Warriors would lose before the Panthers. He was right. The Panthers are 13-0, and with a 38-0 victory against the rival Falcons on Sunday, the team does not look like it is ready to slow down.

It seems like Cam Newton does something amazing every week. With that, let's see what Cam Newton did this Sunday:

He warmed up in gold cleats:

After Jonathan Stewart started the scoring with a touchdown rush, Newton made sure the game-used football went to a child and not an adult.

Then Newton threw a 74-yard touchdown pass to Ted Ginn, Jr.

Newton to Ginn again, with a dab.

Later, Newton threw a bullet touchdown to Ed Dickson that zoomed past helpless Falcons defenders.

In the final seconds of the game, Newton went wild with the Carolina crowd, running back and forth on the sideline like a giddy child.

After the game, Newton and the Panthers dabbed together.

Newton wore a festive sweater to his postgame press conference (with a furry fox tail on his hip):

When asked about the MVP award, which Newton is arguably the frontrunner for, he acted like he did not care.

The Panthers play at the Giants next Sunday. Stay tuned for another episode of "What Did Cam Newton Do This Sunday?"

Also, how about "The Dabbin Grandma?"

95-year-old Mary Ward aka "The Dabbin Grandma" hits the dab at the Panthers game.

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