Texas Tech Red Raiders

Calvin Johnson had three touchdown receptions, Luke Kuechly had two interceptions, Cam Newton danced in the end zone and Jay Cutler won at Lambeau Field. But no, the best play of Thanksgiving did not come from the NFL.

Texas Tech faked a kneel-down, and turned it into a touchdown.

Fake kneel-downs and spikes are like shooting stars in football: hardly seen, and rarely successful. But when they do work out, they're a glorious surprise.

The circumstances of the game make this particularly trick play all the more satisfying. Texas entered the night 49-15 all-time against Texas Tech, with the Red Raiders winning once in the previous 12 meetings. Texas has four claimed national championships and 32 conference titles. Texas Tech has zero national championships and just 11 conference titles.

If the 6-5 Red Raiders needed any more incentive, the 4-6 Longhorns were in do-or-die mode. So a victory would be all the sweeter for third-year coach Kliff Kingsbury (who, by the way, upset No. 4 Texas during his senior year as Texas Tech quarterback in 2002).

It's bizarre that Texas falls for it in the first place. Texas Tech is leading 41-38 with 2:51 left on the Longhorns 40-yard-line. Texas still has two timeouts, the Red Raiders are out of field-goal range, and there is no way they can run out the clock. Yet, somehow, Texas falls for it.

Texas Tech went on to win 48-45, so that fake kneel served as the difference-maker in the game.

The college football world salutes you, Kliff Kingsbury.


When Ryan Gosling plays him in a movie, it is going to be awesome.

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