Daniel Fells

On Sept. 24, Giants tight end Daniel Fells had three receptions in a 32-21 win against the Redskins. A week later, he was in the hospital battling an aggressive, antibiotic-resistant MRSA infection in his foot. In three weeks, he underwent seven surgeries, and amputation of his foot was a serious concern. At one point, the infection crept into Fells' lungs and his life appeared in danger.

This week, Fells, 32, returned home to his family. He documented the reactions of his children, Lennon and Layla, on Instagram.

Back where I'm supposed to be. Thanks for all the love and support everyone.

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Earlier in the week, Fells displayed a note from Lennon.

My biggest motivation these days. Gotta get back to my best friend.

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Fells, who is in his second year with the Giants after bouncing around the league for a decade, may never play another NFL down. Right now, he is ecstatic to be back home with his family, leg and lungs intact.

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