Cam Newton With Young Auburn Fan In Hospital

Like most kids, 10-year-old Taylor Austin Deckard is disappointed when told to turn off his iPad.

"Awww, but we were just getting some good games," Deckard says and then slumps back in his hospital bed.

But there is no app that could top what happens next for this young Auburn fan, who has a severe heart condition.

His favorite player, Cam Newton, walks in. Deckard is stunned for a second, then gives Newton a bear hug and doesn't want to let go.

Deckard is wearing a Tigers jersey with a No. 2 on it just as Newton did when he won the Heisman Trophy while leading Auburn to the 2010 national championship.

Newton made the visit Tuesday to Egleston Hospital in Atlanta after Deckard's phys-ed teacher launched a social-media campaign.

"He ... told me he 'wished Cam Newton could come to his birthday party,'" Courtney Cooper wrote on Facebook.

The mobilization effort to connect Cam with Taylor worked.

"I thought I had an unknown number," Newton told Deckard, "but, dude, I’ve gotten about 100 calls about you."

Newton spent a few hours with Deckard, and part of the time was spent playing with Nerf guns, reported.