Cam Newton

Some fans think Cam Newton is nice, some think he is naughty. Regardless of your thoughts on Newton the football player, Newton the philanthropist is pretty incredible.

On Tuesday, the Panthers' quarterback showed up at Barringer Academic Center, where he delivered a $30,000 check to start a backpack program for kids in need.

Katie Peralta of the Charlotte Observer posted a serious of photos and videos of "Santa Cam," perhaps the most stylish St. Nick of all time. Or at least in the NFC South.

Newton stopped by the Silver Mount food pantry, where he donated another $10,000.

Destination No. 3 was the Bethlehem Center, where Newton hung out with low-income kids in an after-school program.

Santa Cam finished his day on a shopping spree with kids at Dick's Sporting Goods. 

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According to ESPN's Darren Rovell, the final amount spent Tuesday by the Cam Newton Foundation was roughly $100,000.

"Everybody's already in the Christmas spirit, and I love that about this community," Newton says. "As far as the kids, I just want to show my face as much as I can when I get an opportunity to.

"When I come around people, I feel comfortable. It's not about football, it's not about income, it's not about what I do for a living."

And he didn't even have to wear a tie.

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