As he wrapped up his final game Tuesday night, Brent Musburger mentioned two activities for which he is best known, aside from sports broadcasting: Drinking and gambling.

After working Kentucky's overtime win against Georgia from Rupp Arena -- the same venue where he called the iconic Villanova-Georgetown game for CBS in 1985 -- Musburger told the ESPN audience, "I'm gonna miss working with all the great analysts that I've been with through the years. But maybe you'll pay me a visit out at my new place in Las Vegas. Why not? We could share a cold one, and maybe a win or two."

Musburger, 77, is moving to Vegas to work for a sports handicapping company that he and his family created.

The end of Musburger's broadcasting career also means the end of the Brent Musburger Drinking Game. The premise was simple: Fans had to consume whenever Brent rolled out of his certain signature phrases during the broadcast. It became so popular that Sports Illustrated once compiled the rules for Brent Musburger Drinking Game.

"It's flattering actually," Musburger told ThePostGame in 2014 about the game's popularity. "We joke about it, my boys and I. I didn't realize till you mentioned this that they still did it.

"They're still drinking to that game? I mean, 'you are looking live' causes you to grab a couple of glasses?"