By Catarina Cowden

Beers and Bikes. Two of the best words that start with the letter 'b.' Combine them? Well then, life can't get much better.

Who knows why or how it happened, but for some magnificent reason, people who appreciate bikes, tend to also appreciate craft beers. It's associated with the urban/mountain biking crowd, but anyone can turn into a beer lover upon first tasting the fresh hoppiness of a local microbrew.

And the great thing about being a beer lover, is that there are great beers brewed all around America, in people’s basements, backyards, breweries, or pubs (ok, there's one word that doesn’t start with 'b' that makes the cut). Certain cities may be more densely populated with craft beers, but wherever you live, you shouldn't be too far.

This list explores some different locations around the U.S. from the ales of the east coast to the IPAs of Colorado, you'll easily find a tour you love and a beer that fits snugly in your drinking hand. And after a long day out on the trails with your bike, the reward of an ice cold beer will be the icing on a fantastic day.

Bike Tours For Craft Beer Lovers


Grand Traverse Bike Tours Brewery Tour, Traverse City, Michigan

Traverse City is becoming a very popular destination for beer enthusiasts. With six breweries downtown plus locally grown hops, the area's distinct flavors come to life on this tour. The guides will bring you through quaint downtown and behind the scenes at all the breweries. More Info


Beer & Bike Tours Fort Collins Mountain Bike Adventure, Fort Collins, Colorado

Hit the trails out in beautiful Colorado with hours of riding terrain for any mountain biking ability level. The tour supplies a mountain bike, helmet, and tours of the breweries when available. No matter what, after your long day of riding, the crew will take you out to the brewery to celebrate an accomplished day of riding. More Info


Cog Wild's Bend Bike & Brew, Bend, Oregon

Spend an entire weekend surrounded by two of the greatest things in the world: Bikes and beer. Each day ride through a different route within Bend's big network of trails. Then, during the evenings enjoy private tastings and dinners at terrific breweries with quality microbeer brews. More Info


Ace It Bike ‘N Brew Tour, Santa Rosa, California

This ride may be on the easier side, but it is absolutely beautiful. As you ride along the country roads of Sonoma County, you'll stop to quench your thirst at some all time favorite breweries. The tour includes the bike, samplers at the breweries, a knowledgeable tour guide and loads of fun. More Info


Pedal Bikes Oregon Brewery Tour, Portland, Oregon

Take a ride through America's hippest city and taste some of the many, many beers it has to offer. Portland, home to more than 40 microbreweries and brewpubs is also one of the best cities for cyclists. See the sights, and taste the local flavors on this city tour. More Info


Maine Foodie Tours Bike and Brews Tour, Portland, Maine

On the other coast lies Portland, Maine, a quaint boat city with some great brews. Take the tour that begins at the Ocean Getaway, along the scenic coast and to some of Maine’s most vibrant craft breweries. Along the route you can enjoy many fun facts from the tour guide including beer trivia and local lore. More Info


Motor City Bike & Brew Tours, Detroit

Motor City Bike & Brew Tours has a number of beer tours from a brewery history tour to prohibition history to a theater/music history bike and brew tour, no matter what type of beer lover you are, there is a tour for you. More Info

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