Remember driver's ed? The utter fear of failing your final test because you hit the brakes too hard, didn't signal that left turn, or hit a pedestrian (which wasn't on purpose and those charges were totally dropped)? Well, fear driving instruction no more, because adventure retreat Gateway Canyons Resort wants to teach you to drift, turn, and jump through crazy mountain terrain in a Pro-Baja truck. Get ready to strap in.

The package includes a choice of luxe accommodations at Gateway Canyon Resort & Spa in Western Colorado, which, amazingly, was established by the founder of the Discovery Channel. Get your rest and be sure to eat your comp breakfast in the morning, because what lies ahead...

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... is a FULL day of taking these Pro-Baja trucks off-road for crazy aerials and sick drifting maneuvers. You'll take expert instruction from professional Baja drivers, showing you how fast to hit a curve and how fast you can lose your comp breakfast.

Once fully acclimated, you'll take on this two-mile desert training facility for a solo off-road runabout.

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And if the idea of flying gloriously over a hill in not-so-slow motion doesn't get your heart pumping, this video showing exactly what you're in for should do the trick.

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