The good people at Hatchet Caye Resort in Belize are fed up with the Lionfish -- the population is exploding, it's not even indigenous to their waters, they're eating up all the much prettier fish, and they're basically ruining EVERYTHING. So they're asking for your help to keep the species under control. Your mission: Jump on a plane down, grab a speargun and guide, scuba over to where those aquatic assholes are lurking, and pump a blade into their faces.

This is Hatchet Caye, the tropical, Richard Branson-esque private island where you'll greet your fellow hunters and sleep BEFORE you're with the fishes.

One more island shot, just so you realize how ridiculously gorgeous this joint is.

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Oceanfront cabanas will be your vacation dormitory, even though this will be thousands of miles from anything like Spring Break.

The mighty whale shark: just one of the many native species NOT DOING ITS JOB.

You also don't want to spear this local loggerhead turtle, partly because it's adorable but mostly because it's illegal.

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Here he is. Indigenous to the Pacific, this species has overrun the Atlantic due to voracious eating and rabbit-like mating habits. More than likely, it made its way over due to some irresponsible Floridian aquarium owner, which is speculation, but is also probably true because Florida is the worst.

Zapped. Now that you've hooked that poisonous peacock, keep him as far from your body as possible, considering their venomous spines have been known to cause paralysis of the limbs, heart failure, and even death.

Wait, and now you're eating him? Yes, you'll take that carpetbagger back to the aptly-named Lionfish Bar & Grill, where they will clean and prepare him before, once again, you take a blade to his face.

Here Are Some Other Things You Might Find Lurking Below The Waves

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