When it comes to jobs, they don't get much better than "waterslide tester."

If you didn't know that position existed, you likely were not one of the 2,000 applicants for the position at the British travel company First Choice. The job description included things like "willing to travel," "comfortable in swim-wear" and "happy to get wet at work."

In other words this job is literally a vacation.

The lucky winner of the position is Seb Smith, a 22-year-old design technology student. Smith distinguished himself with this clever video:

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Smith will spend the entire summer traveling to exotic locations around the world -- Turkey, Egypt, Jamaica -- and riding waterslides. He'll get paid around $31,000 plus a travel stipend for his hard work.

"I'm absolutely over the moon to be chosen as the new slide tester - and can't wait to get started in my new job," Smith said. "I can't believe I'll be travelling the world judging slides based on the biggest splash and adrenaline factor."

Not bad work if you can get it.