Doug Flutie's name is practically synonymous with the term "Hail Mary." In fact, some people have even dubbed his famous, game-ending touchdown pass against Miami the "Hail Flutie."

As effortless as that play seemed, it belies the hard work that Flutie put forth in his collegiate and professional career.

Deemed too short to play quarterback in the NFL, Flutie had to work his way through the USFL and the CFL before finally establishing himself in the NFL. He made up for his lack of height with quickness and a high football IQ.

Above all, Flutie was a grinder. He took hit after hit from players who were several inches taller and much heavier than he was. But he always got back up.

With his playing style in mind, it makes sense that Flutie enjoys watching the Baltimore Ravens-Pittsburgh Steelers games more than any other rivalry in the league. Flutie says Ravens-Steelers is the "blue collar battle of the year," and he's got a point.

"That's old time NFL football that people love to watch,” Flutie told ThePostGame. "It's probably not going to be the 45-38, flashy game of the quarterbacks throwing the ball 50 times, but it brings you back to the roots of football and what a rivalry really is."

After going to high school in the Boston area and playing for both Boston College and the New England Patriots, Flutie has a keen understanding of what football means to a city and how a team becomes a part of the culture of a town.

When Flutie watches Ravens-Steelers he sees more than two football teams. Really, it's two cities going head-to-head.

"Those two teams generally dislike each other, and it creates a mindset for the two cities," Flutie said. "It creates an atmosphere about the game. Almost like an anything goes."

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