Sure the Chicago Cubs can't compete with the Red Sox most seasons, but a fan of the lovable losers just pulled of a World Championship move in cyberspace.

Boston's beloved baseball team is moving into JetBlue Park this spring in Ft. Myers, Fla. The new crown jewel of the Grapefruit League cost an estimated $78 million to build ... but they probably wish they'd spent a few more bucks.

A resident not far from the new ballpark owns the most likely web domain name for the Red Sox new spring home. Eric Engelman purchased the site last year.

"It was kind of funny to me because I couldn't believe nobody checked it first," Engelman told WINK TV. "I just went on to and typed in and its was available. So I went ahead, searched out a coupon online and bought it."

So for a grand total of eight dollars, Engelman bought But since he's not a Red Sox supporter, he figured he'd have some fun with fans of the New England team.

"One day it just clicked in my head that it would be funny if I put it to the," said Engelman.

And now fans who visit are instantly forwarded to the home page of the BoSox bitter rivals, the New York Yankees.

Don't get Engelman wrong -- he's not a Bronx Bombers fan. His favorite team is the Cubs. 

"I just thought it was kind of a funny thing and I figured maybe a dozen people in the world would have ever see it," he said.

Sam Kennedy, the Red Sox executive vice president and chief operating officer, told WINK TV he will look into the domain name ownership issue. Engleman said he already checked and neither the Red Sox nor JetBlue Airlines own trademark rights on JetBlue Park.

Since the Cubbies don't win much at Wrigley Field, maybe they should play more games on the Information Superhighway.

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