There are a number of ways to make your next fishing trip more extreme. You could head to an unlikely fishing spot. Or you could ice fish. Or you could ice fish underwater. Upside down. And walk on the underside of the iced-over surface of the water. That's the natural progression, right? We can see you booking your next trip already.

But in case you have any doubts about the plausibility of such an exercise, we present you with the following video, shot in Finland and posted just a few days ago. It's both breathtaking and surreal, when you consider it's being shot upside down, while maintaining the appearance of the exact opposite.

Fishing under ice from Juuso Mettälä on Vimeo.

The video was shot at Lake Saarijarvi in Valla, Finland, by Juuso Mettala. The fishermen were Eelis Rankka, Tommi Salminen and Jukka Pelttari. We'll concede that it was a more artistic than angling venture, but it doesn't make it less impressive. Regardless, if you feel like spending your time in the freezing waters under the icy surface of a lake, we commend you for your bravery (see also: insanity). We also do not recommend it. Ever.

Though you will be much cooler than the rest of us (sorry, it was just too easy).

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