Erica Hosseini says that regardless of what she had chosen for her occupation, she would want to look and feel good.

It just so happens that the 25-year-old is a professional surfer, model and burgeoning actress.

"Even if I wasn’t doing this and I had been working in an office every single day, I’d still want to feel good and look good and be happy in my own state of being," Hosseini says.

To further complicate matters, Hosseini loves to eat. Her Twitter feed is bustling with all the different foods she’s taken down ("I just ate a brownie crumb. It tasted like 200 calories. Yuuummm!"), and she even named her dog after her favorite dessert, Froyo.

But you don’t look like Erica Hosseini without a bit of restraint.

Hosseini says she drinks a lot of green juice and recently splurged on a Vitamix, so now she can make smoothies and margaritas. She goes to the gym frequently, where she’ll do yoga, Pilates, cardio, resistance bands and the like.

But her favorite workouts are the ones that might not seem like work. She enjoys playing tennis, spending time outdoors, and most of all, surfing. Hosseini says she tries to surf twice a day, depending on her schedule and the conditions of the waves.

"You have to kind of juggle everything and make sure everything has a good balance and that you don’t overdo one thing," Hosseini says. "That’s why I try to keep everything fresh; stay active, go to the gym, do yoga, do pilates, do swim classes, surf as many hours as I can. That makes it more fun, too."

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