Chocolate milk does an athlete's body good?

That's what the Milk Processor Education Program wants you to believe. It is releasing ads next week geared at getting adults to reach for a carton instead of a sports drink after a workout. The group has even enlisted Knicks star Carmelo Anthony and Olympic swimmer Dara Torres to become the faces of the campaign.

For the first time in 17 years, chocolate milk will no longer be a part of the famous Got Milk? ads. Instead the dairy group hopes to grab adults post-exercise with the slogan: My After.

Julia Kadison, VP of marketing for the milk processors, tells USA Today: "Chocolate Milk has what athletes need to recover after a tough workout."

They cite a study by three universities that tested the drink's effect on recreational runners who drank a fat-free version before exercising. Researchers concluded that those who drank the milk after a strenuous run could go 23 percent longer subsequently than those who drank carbohydrate-only sports drinks. A similar report can be found at WebMD, and respected college football strength coach Mike Barwis had players drink chocolate milk after workouts while he was at Michigan.

But there are many skeptics, especially considering that it was the dairy industry who funded the study. The timing of this ad campaign is also suspect, as it comes on the heels of many school districts banning flavored milk, which has the potential to cut into the $2.5 billion market.

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One of the people who disagree with the study is Marion Nestle, nutrition professor at New York University. "As the pressure on schools has grown to get chocolate milk out, they're looking for any new marketing," she says. "I'd never recommend drinking a sweetened drink."

You know it's bad when someone whose last name is Nestle is against a use for chocolate.

Still, the Milk Processor Education Program isn't the only entity trying to get adults to revert back to their childhood. Adult Chocolate Milk is a 40 proof alcoholic beverage that is premixed with vodka. It's just one more of the advertising campaigns that want you to feel like a kid again.

It can't be long before the muscle-building benefits of Whoopie Pies and Hi-C are discovered.

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