A lot of people think sweat gross. Gatorade, in its half-century of existence, has tried to make sweat cool. Remember those commercials when athletes used to sweat colored Gatorade?

Now, Gatorade is encouraging fitness and sweat through a new series of videos that will haunt you in your dreams. Imagine you are a college student trying to buy a Gatorade bottle and this happens.

OK, maybe J.J. Watt will not sprawl out of the machine every time. The point of the ad is to show how Gatorade helps rehydrate individuals who exercise. The slogan of the current campaign is "You don't sweat it, you don't get it."

Watt also broke other machines during the Gatorade taping:

In another ad, he just takes the vending machine away after a kid says, "I don't do sweat."

Indoors, students faced the same challenges to attain Gatorade, but instead of being met with Watt's intimidation, the students endured coaching from the polo-wearing Manning brothers. Bad comedian Eli Manning is at his finest, while Peyton brings more veteran leadership.

Peyton may be the tougher Manning. Here, he makes a student do wall-sits on the vending machine:

Being the Mannings, Eli and Peyton could not let the series go on without a few good jokes. While the student is doing wall-sits, the brothers talk lunch:

The videos were taped on a college campus with hidden cameras set up at both locations. The custodian role is played by Rob Belushi, son of actor Jim Belushi. Gatorade is using the hashtag, #WinFromWithin, to match with the "Sweat It To Get It" program.

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